Ibogaine Methamphetamine Detox Therapy Can End Cravings

Ibogaine Methamphetamine TherapyMethamphetamine and other stimulants (cocaine and crack) are present in more places than ever. Being on a ‘meth run’ or ‘coke binge’ is risky for most users: many harm reduction tactics are useless against the aggression of methamphetamine cravings. Ibogaine methamphetamine detox processes to combat cravings is becoming a more frequent early recovery choice. Ibogaine is effective for getting past repetitive stimulant use. At Oka Center, our protocols for methamphetamine and ibogaine treatment are designed with this unique foe in mind. But first, let’s see what meth does…

What Are the Effects of Methamphetamine?

  • Increased energy, excitement, alertness and anxiety

  • Euphoria

  • Appetite loss, nausea, loose bowels

  • Uncontrollable sweating, jaw-clenching and muscle tremors

  • Agitation, panic, OCD, violence, confusion, irritability, talkativeness

  • Increased sexual acting out

  • Increased blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, blood sugar levels, bronchodilation

  • Constriction of artery walls

Effects of Chronic Methamphetamine Use

  • Tolerance increase

  • Acute cravings

  • Malnutrition and weight loss

  • Normally pleasurable activities have no effect

  • Depression

  • Meth mouth (tooth decay and gum disease)

  • Drug-induced psychosis (sometimes permanent)

Ibogaine Methamphetamine Therapy: What To Expect

Because Ibogaine therapy has been overlooked for rigorous scientific study, its mechanisms of action are not fully understood. What we believe is that ibogaine repairs the synapse pathways destruction caused by stimulants, especially methamphetamines. Repair of these pathways hopefully results in a decrease in the need to use meth, and a correlating decrease in cravings for the drug. A portion of participants will also experience some or all relief from cravings. Cravings for stimulants are a particularly tough nut to crack, even for ibogaine. Participants should be prepared for how to deal with meth cravings if they occur after ibogaine methamphetamine therapy.

Oka Center Treatment for Stimulant and Meth Abuse

Our meth protocol for ibogaine therapy includes a ten day stay, with two full flood doses. Participants must pass a medical screening. As with ibogaine alcohol detox, participants will need to abstain from stimulants for some time before treatment, and must test negative to a stimulant urinalysis before treatment.The presence of methamphetamine in the system during ibogaine treatment causes unwanted cardiac complications.

Ibogaine Methamphetamine Detox at Oka Center!

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