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Harm Reduction and Ibogaine Treatment

With Ibogaine Suboxone Dependency Can Finally End

Ibogaine Suboxone (subs) therapy has helped many people overcome their dependency. Suboxone is a brand of the second generation opioid Buprenorphine (bupes). Also in this category is Subutex.

Originially For Fast Opiate Taper, Now A Replacement Therapy

Suboxone’s use as an opiate taper therapy has been overcome by its use as a permanent replacement therapy for short acting opiates, in the tradition of methadone. Another suboxone application has been for pain management, though this is less prevalent. Subs come in sublingual strips and pills.

Common adverse drug reactions associated with the use of buprenorphine are similar to those of other opioids and include: nausea and vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, headache, memory loss, cognitive and neural inhibition, perspiration, itchiness, dry mouth, miosis, orthostatic hypotension, male ejaculatory difficulty, decreased libido, and urinary retention.

What’s Withdrawal From Suboxone And Subutex Like?

For ibogaine suboxone therapy, this is where the complications begin. Buprenorphines have a very long half life (37 hours or so), so that, when combined with the ‘stacking’ that occurs from continuous use, it remains in the system for at least a month, often more than two months. After cessation of suboxone, one can be expecting months of full-blown opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Those who have gone through “cold turkey” detox from buprenorphine report that it is more difficult and prolonged than a non-synthetic short acting opiate.

Prior To Ibogaine Suboxone Treatment, A Short Acting Opiate Must Be Introduced

Ibogaine’s activity on the receptor sites is dependent on their availability. Ibogaine opiate detox processes begin when one begins to show early signs of withdrawal. Because of the sticky nature, stacking and long half life of subutex ibogaine does not reach the broadest possible base of receptors. The necessary “flooding” of receptor sites by the ibogaine is blocked.

Also, there are negative cardiac indications for ibogaine buprenorphine combinations.

The IbogaLife Protocol For Frequent And Continual Subutex Users

Switching to a short acting opiate for a certain period before natural ibogaine suboxone treatment is now standard protocol. Short acting opiates include morphine, oxycontin and heroin.

This requirement is not made casually. We understand the risks involved with this SAO transition, which often involves returning to one’s drug of choice. It also reintroduces the chance of more chaos, more lawbreaking and more instability. Great care and caution needs to be taken to accomplish the switch without too many pitfalls.

The exact period of SAO use before ibogaine needs to be determined with our RN. No one should stop their suboxone maintenance therapy before additional preparations and screenings are performed by IbogaLife staff.


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